"Individual commitment to a group effort -- that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." ~ Vince Lombardi    

SSDA is asking our District and Associate members to assist us as we support the schools that were affected by California’s most deadly fire to date, the Camp Fire. We are asking you to help these schools continue to operate and rebuild by making a donation to the Butte County Schools Fire Relief Fund. Donations through this link will go directly to teachers, administrators, and staff.   

 The Camp Fire, currently burning in the heart of Butte County, California, is the largest and most destructive fire in California history.  In less than three days, the Camp Fire has permanently or temporarily displaced more than 50,000 people, burned nearly at least 6,500 homes have been destroyed over 300 businesses, making it one of the worst disasters in American history.  29 are confirmed dead and 228 are missing.   

The depth of this crisis has just begun to unfold but one of the first things that will impact the affected communities for years to come is the loss of schools.  To date, multiple schools have been lost, displacing at least 4,000 students from pre-school through high school.  This impact will affect the survivability of communities in Butte County for years to come.   

 According to Tim Taylor, superintendent of Butte County Office of Education, they do not have the count of how many educators have lost homes as the area has not been fully surveyed--but we know it will be 100's if not 1,000's. They have set up the Butte Schools Foundation set up specifically for educational purposes for schools, students, and staff.  Their immediate goals:

  1. They need cash donations to buy gas cards, gift cards, and bus passes.
  2. Educational Technology teachers ready to train, distribute and support. students, teachers and school administrators. They have a team of IT experts and STUDENTS/FAMILIES WITH THEIR TEACHERS.   They need 5000 laptops to give  They need cash donations to purchase 5000 laptops TO RECONNECT BUTTE 
  3. They need cash donations so district and charter school principals have discretionary funding to get their schools back in order.   

Superintendent Taylor said they will have long-term needs that will be publicized within the next few weeks to assist schools with the impact of the Camp Fire. 

There will be a Foundation team from districts and charter schools to oversee and ensure that all of  these funds are solely focused on schools and education.

Butte COE appreciates all of your support, kindness and help since this tragedy hit their county. 

Click here to make a monetary donation through the Butte County Schools Fire Relief Fund, which will go directly to the schools in the areas affected.

On behalf of SSDA, I thank you for your thoughtfulness and generosity during this tumultuous time.

Best regards,
Debra Pearson
Executive Director