District/COE Membership

Exclusive Membership Opportunities for County Offices

We understand the pivotal role County Offices play in guiding and supporting their districts. In recognition of this, we are thrilled to introduce several membership tiers designed to optimize benefits for both the County Offices and the small school districts under their jurisdiction:

County Office STAR PLUS

For a unified fee, this tier offers comprehensive membership coverage for all small school districts under 5,000 ADA within your county, amplifying support and resources across the board.

County Office STAR

Tailored for smaller settings, this option covers all districts under 2,500 ADA, fostering an environment of growth and collaboration.

County Office ELITE

Focused on targeted support, this membership provides substantial aid to districts under 1,500 ADA, ensuring they receive the attention and resources they need.

County Office SOLO: A unique tier for County Offices seeking individual membership, focusing on the specific needs of the county's educational framework.

Join Us and Make a Difference

By joining SSDA, your office, alongside the districts within your jurisdiction, will gain access to a wealth of resources, expert guidance, and a supportive community dedicated to the success of small schools in California. Together, we can tackle the challenges, celebrate the achievements, and ensure a brighter future for our students.

District Membership

School District Membership is available to school districts with an ADA under 5,000 students and includes the Superintendent, district Board Members, and district staff. By becoming a District Member of SSDA, you are joining a professional organization that continues to be a strong voice and an effective advocate for the needs and interests of small school districts throughout the state of California. Through our monthly newsletters, regional workshops, webinars and conferences, we are certain that the Small School Districts’ Association can support and assist you in your district’s quest for excellence.

Charter Membership

Membership is available to all Charter Schools throughout California. With the recent and upcoming changes to laws specifying how charter schools are governed and run, the differences between charter schools and small school districts have been shrinking. Charter schools are starting to realize they have a lot more in common with small school districts. For that reason, we invite you to consider joining the Small School Districts’ Association (SSDA).

Why join SSDA?

Membership Benefits

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Associate Membership

Associate Membership is available to businesses and associations providing services that assist small districts in a variety of areas ranging from construction to legal personnel issues. By becoming an Associate Member of SSDA your company acquires immediate access to the Superintendents and Trustees in these districts through advertising in our newsletter (which is distributed to every school in the state), participation at our conferences and regional meetings, and through various sponsorship opportunities at these events.