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New May Webinars

Upgrading Your School Ventilation System: What You Need to Know About AB 841 and Other Funding Opportunities
Tuesday, May 18th @ 3-4pm

Ian C. Padilla, Legislative Advocate, School Energy Coalition
Nancy Chaires Espinoza, Legislative Advocate, School Energy Coalition

This webinar will focus on AB 841, known as the School Energy Efficiency Stimulus (SEES) Program administered by the California Energy Commission (CEC), and how it can help you assess and improve your school ventilation system to ensure a healthy learning environment for Covid-19 and beyond.  Specifically, the webinar will focus on the status of AB 841/SEES implementation, the scope and limits of the program, and a summary of other state and federal source of funding to assist districts pay for larger HVAC system replacements.  This webinar will also include information on CO2 monitors, which is a requirement of AB 841/SEES projects, and will likely be a broader state requirement in the near future.  

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The Ultimate Gradebook: Get an "A" For Understanding What Teachers Really Want
Thursday, May 27th @ 3-4pm

Justin Hall, 7th Grade Math and Science Teacher | Jupiter Admin, Rancho Cucamonga Middle School
Jim McVety, Jupiter Senior Advisors, First Step Advisors
Amy Pedigo-Carmichael, Head of Sales, Jupiter

As school districts embrace enterprise-level systems for learning management, the central role of the gradebook has been diminished, even as it becomes an increasingly critical - and complex - task for teachers. This webinar examines the exacting requirements every district should delineate for gradebooks, including how they actually serve teachers operating in the classroom and remotely. Attendees will gain a better understanding of what a gradebook can and should do by setting aside the hype and hyperbole surrounding LMS providers and focusing on what really matters to educators.

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