Webinar: Loss Learning = Educational Opportunity

Monday, April 26th @ 3-4pm

Laura Porter-Jones, Educational Programs Consultant with Edmentum
Sarika Simpson, Director of Elementary Instruction with Edmentum

Tackling Learning Loss means recognizing Educational Opportunities. Join us for an engaging seminar on specific strategies for skill remediation paired with social and emotional growth. While targeted to summer school programs, these strategies blend easily into ongoing academic and nonacademic programming.

Audience: Open to all staff and even parents!

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Webinar: Expanding Your Teacher Pipeline Through WGU’s Student Teacher Placement Program

Thursday, April 29th @ 3-4pm

Patrizia Zary, Senior Strategic Partnerships Manager
Seannon Jones, Strategic Partnership Manager
Terry Miller, Project Manager Field Experience Outreach

According to a study release in March 2021 by the Learning Policy Institute critical teaching shortages, a challenge that predates the pandemic, have worsened in many districts since its emergence. According to the authors, the teacher shortages continues to grow due to a decrease in the number of people going into teacher preparation programs, early retirement and increased workloads causing teacher burnout. As districts seek to hire more teachers they will need to expand their talent pipeline. In this webinar we will share five steps to maximizing the demonstration teaching experience for the student and the district. You will also have the opportunity to learn about WGU’s student teacher placement programs.

WGU’s Teachers College is the nation’s largest college of education, serving more than 30,000 students annually, with a special focus on STEM, special education, and initial-licensure undergraduate and graduate programs.

Audience: Superintendents, Principals, Vice principals, and anyone involved in student teacher placement and hiring new teachers.

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