CDE Wildfire Updates and School Resources

An important messaged released earlier today by California Department of Education - 

The California Department of Education (CDE) again is closely monitoring the wildfire incidents and scheduled power outages that are occurring throughout the state.

While the CDE cannot provide an approval in advance, to the extent LEAs have to close due to effects from a wildfire incident or an unforeseen power outage that causes participation in school to be unsafe, or LEAs find they can keep schools open but in doing so experience a material loss of attendance as a result of an unforeseen loss of power, they would most likely meet the conditions for a J-13A waiver.

Approval of attendance and instructional time credit may be requested by submitting a Form J-13A. It is important to note LEAs will generally not experience an immediate loss of funding, nor is there an immediate deadline for submitting a Form J-13A.

For additional information on the J-13A submittal and approval process, including frequently asked questions, see the CDE’s Form J-13A web page. For more information on wildfire incidents and/or Public Safety Power Shutoffs, please go to CDE’s Wildfire Resources page and CDE’s Public Safety Power Shutoff FAQs. Any impacted school or LEA can contact to connect with the CDE team for assistance.   Additional Resources:


Southern California Edison

San Diego Gas & Electric