The mission of the Small School Districts’ Association is to provide relevant information and proactive assistance to small school district governing boards and superintendents through legislative advocacy, collaboration, professional development, and support services.

SSDA Goals:

  • To develop high priority support services that will assist small school district superintendents to enhance their educational performance and reduce operating costs.

  • To provide SSDA participation opportunities for all small school district superintendents, administrators, governing board members and Associate Members, with a focus on new superintendents.

  • To strengthen relationships with officials including superintendents of County Offices of Education, state education organizations, state agencies and other professional associations through collaborative activities such as direct contact, joint professional development and informational workshops while maintaining SSDA’s identity as an organization.

  • To strengthen, support and maintain an SSDA office, while increasing communication with all stakeholders and the Executive Committee.

    - To expand SSDA communications through e-mail, SSDA Website, “SSDA Today” magazine in addition to SSDA’s quarterly newsletter.

    - The communications should include networking opportunities for superintendents, district staff and trustees.

  • The communication system should include use of workshops, conferences, meetings, webinars and other means of professional development information, with specific attention to improving student achievement.

  • To provide an advocacy program that supports and responds to the unique needs of all small school districts: specifically, to protect and increase small school district funding and ensure that the special needs of small school districts are reflected in waivers, exemptions and other appropriate legislative provisions.