District/COE Membership

District Membership -- email corrie@ssda.org for a registration form and dues information.

School District Membership is available to school districts with an ADA under 5,000 students and includes the Superintendent, district Board Members, and district staff. By becoming a District Member of SSDA, you are joining a professional organization that continues to be a strong voice and an effective advocate for the needs and interests of small school districts throughout the state of California. Through our monthly newsletters, regional workshops, webinars and conferences, we are certain that the Small School Districts’ Association can support and assist you in your district’s quest for excellence.

County Office Membership -- email corrie@ssda.org for a registration form and dues information.

Membership is available to all county offices. Become a member and support the small school districts in your county by taking advantage of our monthly newsletters, regional workshops, webinars and conferences. Become an elite member and further support the small school districts within your county by saving them 50% on their membership. Whichever membership you choose, we are certain that you will find it to be of great benefit to you and your districts.

Associate Membership

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Associate Membership Brochure - if paying via check, please forward application with remittance

Associate Membership is available to businesses and associations providing services that assist small districts in a variety of areas ranging from construction to legal personnel issues. By becoming an Associate Member of SSDA your company acquires immediate access to the Superintendents and Trustees in these districts through advertising in our newsletter (which is distributed to every school in the state), participation at our conferences and regional meetings, and through various sponsorship opportunities at these events.